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Why Choose Local Pastured Poultry?

Pastured poultry simply tastes better!

By choosing to buy local pastured poultry, you can have a say in how your food is produced, with the transparency that everyone deserves. That's why we do what we do, because there's a need for food systems that support this planet and your well-being, not destroy it. We move our chickens to fresh green grass every day and feed them a regionally-sourced organic feed to supplement their diet of grass, weeds and insects. They are able to express their natural instincts of foraging and scratching the ground, while depositing their nutrient rich manure on to the pasture. This builds our top soil, sanitizes the fields, and sequesters more carbon from the atmosphere that's then stored in the ground. Its good for us, good for the birds, good for environment.

Fresh Pastured Broiler Chickens

A plump, delicious, pastured broiler chicken is the perfect, easy family feast. Combine it with a roasting kit from our gardens for a healthy, whole-farm supper, with plenty of leftovers!


 Chickens are $6/lb and weigh 4-6 lbs.

We are sold out for 2023!


Pastured Poultry Flock Membership

By purchasing a Flock Share from OwlTree Farm, you are directly supporting our small regenerative farm. As a member, you will receive monthly chickens direct from our farm.

Seasonal shares starting at $195/season.

Unavailable for the 2023 Season

*Returning 2024*


 Pastured Turkeys

A pasture-raised turkey from OwlTree Farm will be the star of the table at your holiday celebration. Sure to be the freshest, most flavorful turkey you've ever tasted!


Unavailable for the 2023 Season

*Returning 2024*


Pastured / Organic Fed / Humanely Harvested / Broiler Chickens and Turkeys


All of our poultry is fed a regionally sourced ration (organic, corn-free & soy-free, when possible), rotationally grazed, and processed on the farm in the open air.


Birds are processed to order.  We ask that everyone schedule a pickup time and pick up their birds on harvest day -- this helps us streamline our operations.


Picking up your order on harvest day guarantees that you receive the absolute freshest product possible.

Pastured Broiler Chickens

Our Broiler Chickens are moved daily to fresh grass! The flavor, texture, and freshness of these birds is unparalleled. Pastured chicken is higher in Omega 3s and other nutrients, when compared to conventionally raised chickens. We use a regionally sourced feed to supplement their diet of bugs, grubs, and greens. 

Pastured Poultry Flock Membership

The Flock Share model is an incredibly important component of our small farm. It allows us to invest in tools, feed, and infrastructure improvements in the beginning of the season, at a time when revenue would otherwise be slow or nonexistent. A mutually beneficial model, Flock Shares allow you guaranteed access to the nutrient-dense, pastured chicken, at a discounted rate.

Flock-Share Membership Fee

A one-time fee of $5 is required to become a flock-share member by purchasing an interest in the OwlTree Farm poultry flock for that season. This fee assists with our daily operating costs, managing the farm, and maintaining pastured, healthy birds.
Pasturing Fee

The shareholder is responsible for a pasturing fee in order to board and feed their share of the flock, and for OwlTree Farm to provide the harvesting service for the shareholder. The pasturing fee is based on how many birds you are receiving per month.

Limited Work-trade for reduced cost is available. Reach out to Brett to inquire about details and available opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

2 harvests are typically planned for the season: one in June and one in September. If demand is great enough we may add a mid-season harvest.
Harvest days can be tentative and are subject to change, depending on growth rates of the birds, and since we are in Colorado -- very weather dependent.


These dates are your opportunity to pick up chickens that are ultra-fresh and never frozen.

Unless you pick up your birds on one of our two harvest days, birds will be frozen upon pick-up each month. While we encourage you to try never-frozen chicken at least once, we do recommend freezing any chickens you do not plan on cooking within 2-3 days of harvest, immediately.

4 month seasonal share options

2, 3, or 4 chickens per month, for 4 months (June - September)

Each chicken is approximately a $25-$35 value (our birds retail for $6/lb, at an average weight between 4-6lbs, per bird).


You pay a flat rate with the flock membership.


($5 of the total cost is your flock-membership fee; rates listed are from 2022 Season; 2024 rates TBD)
     $325 // Large Share -- 4 Chickens per month ($20/chicken)
     $270 // Medium Share -- 3 Chickens per month ($22.08/Chicken)
     $195 // Small Share -- 2 Chickens per month ($23.75/Chicken)

Worried about fitting all those birds in your fridge or freezer at once? Feel free to spread your pick up across multiple days or weeks, each month!

$150 non-refundable deposit due within 2 weeks of submitting this form. Full payment due within 30 days of deposit receipt.

Pick up your birds at OwlTree Farm (4605 E County Road 58, Fort Collins, CO 80524)

Need more chickens? No problem! Whole, frozen birds are available any time outside of harvest days at your convenience.

*If you would like multiple shares please fill out this form for each share.
**If you are interested in shares larger than 4 birds per month, please reach out to Brett directly.


Pastured Turkeys

(Returning November 2024)


These are truly pastured, rotationally grazed turkeys. Unlike ‘faux free-range’ turkeys, ours are moved to fresh pasture every few days so they always have access to green forage.


We require a non-refundable $50 deposit paid by cash, check, or PayPal by November 1st to reserve. This deposit will be applied to the final cost of your purchase, which is due upon pick up.


Turkeys will range in size from approximately 15lbs to 20+lbs, but as large as 30lbs. We will do our best to accommodate any sizes you request.


We typically offer Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys, a medium to large breed with about a 70/30 ratio of white to dark meat.


We may have Heritage Turkeys available as well. These are typically Bourbon Red Turkeys, a small to medium sized breed with about a 50/50 ratio of white to dark meat.


Pricing (2022 Harvest):

     Pastured Turkey = $8/lb ($50 nonrefundable deposit)

     Pastured Heritage Turkey = $10-$12/lb ($50 nonrefundable deposit)

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