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Two old friends, one new farm.

OwlTree Farm was started in 2020 by Forrest Carlson and Brett Beardmore. The dream they had talked about since high school finally came true on February 15, 2020 when they signed a lease on a beautiful 10-acre property near Ft. Collins, CO. Now entering our fourth year in operation, OwlTree Farm is quickly establishing itself as the go-to destination for fresh local produce and pastured poultry. Copia Permaculture LLC co-owner Brett and his wife Sophie recently purchased the property that OwlTree Farm calls home, ushering a new era of stability and long-term possibilities for the business.  New for 2023, we will be holding more on-farm events, open houses, volunteer days and workshops. We also offer beautiful, shady and private campsites for short-term stays via For the 2023 season, we will be taking a sabbatical from intensive production and our CSA program to focus more on improving our property and garden infrastructure as well as developing plans for the long-term vision of OwlTree Farm. We can't wait to see you in the new season and continue providing the best local produce around. 


Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture

Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture are farming systems that attempt to more closely mirror the natural ecosystem processes found in nature. Using  methods including No-Till Bio-intensive gardening, silvipasture, intensive rotational grazing, and food-forest orchard systems, we seek to protect and build the soil, conserve water and fuel resources, and produce a diverse selection of goods from a relatively small area of land.


Our Mission

To inform and educate the public through real-world applications of permaculture farm design, to develop a permanent base and working farm for demonstration, production and research, and to promote local production and security, while maintaining business profitability.

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